Please Note:

You are always welcome to bring your project by, during business hours, to receive a pricing quote.  

** All Firearms Must be Fully Disassembled**

Shipping Instructions:

And, if you are shipping your item(s), please make sure they are disassembled and cleaned of dirt, oil, or grease before shipping. Please ship your items USPS, UPS or Fed Ex. Upon receipt, we will notify you of return shipping costs, if any, prior to invoicing.

Please pack your items using newspaper or bubble wrap.

Credit Cards Accepted:

MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal

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The following  prices are provided as a guideline in calculating  project cost. Each automotive interior/exterior, firearm, cooler, etc. vary per material, preparation required, and customization options selected.
Final Quote Provided Prior to Processing
Prices Starting At . . .


Gauge/Radio Bezel(s)    $100
Complete Consoles         $200

Mirrors                                     $ 75/each
Wheel Inserts/Caps       $ 25/each
Wheels                                      $150/each

Engine Components:
Valve Covers                           $150/set
Intake Manifold                  $240
Injector Hat/BAU               $250


Stock and Forearm          $150

Stock                                            $125
Bench Rest                              $150

AR/AK Rifles:
Complete AR/AK             $250+

Frame                                        $100-$125
Grips                                           $50
Slides                                          $75

Firearm Accessories:
Clips                                            $20
Magazines                              $25

Animal Skulls/Misc.

Deer, Fox, Coyote, Bobcat        $   100
Bear/Buffalo                                       $   125
Welding Mask                                     $    75

Beverage Tumblers and Coolers
Yeti/RTIC/Insert Your Brand Here/ tumblers and coolers can be customized in many variations to suit your personal style or promote your business.  With so many options available, a "one price fits all" is nearly impossible to provide.  Below are base prices to use as a guideline when designing your own tumbler, and we also offer quantity discounts for large groups/organizations.

Hydrodipping Base Prices (Customer Tumbler):

Colster                                                        $25
Tumbler (20/30oz)                          $35
Bottle (18 Oz)                                         $35
Bottle (36 Oz)                                        $45
Bottle (64 Oz)                                        $55

Additional Services:

Metallic and Neon Paint         $5+
Name Decals/Logos                    $5+
​Candy Color Clear Coat        $10+
Specialty Film Charge            $25
Matte Additive/Clear Coat  $5-40
** 1/2 Down Payment/Deposit for Projects Over $1,000